Costa Rica, Face of Justice

Did you know?…

Face of Justice is building a new safe house for teenage girls ages 12-17 years old called the Hovde Maestro Cares Freedom House?

Face of Justice is only a few weeks away from completion of the new Freedom House that will hold 24 girls. Two international foundations Hovde and Maestro Cares foundations are funding the $850,000 project. The pandemic of 2020 slowed the progress of this project for several months but we are in now our final stages of constuction.

We have people from all over the world coming to be a part of this new home for our girls. Local contractors have donated materials and man power. Visiting teams and local church groups have come to donate their time and energy as well as pray over this project. Friends have arranged deep discounts in materials, kitchen cabinets and other supplies.

We are now in our final days and weeks to complete this beautiful home. And we need you help. Here are some ways you can be a part of this precious project:

1. Volunteer contruction individuals or groups to work the final phases such as completing the perimeter security walls; convert 3 containers into housing for 6 of the older, more mature girls and laundry room and storage; install doors and windows; finalize driveway and walkways. These would be for the month of June.

2. Donations for the following elements:
Container housing for 6 girls, laundry and storage complex - $85,000
Perimeter security walls - $50,000
Landscaping - $5,000
Furniture, shelving & closets - $20,000

Please contact Elizabeth Gilroy at if you wish to be a part of this in any way.

We are planning a mid to late-June 2022 open house.

Face of Justice has purchased a small business for the sole purpose of empowering and championing young women who have suffered the horrors of CSE and trafficking??

Face of Justice has purchased the AHAVA coffee cart and event services small business. This innovative social enterprise is in full operation and has been for almost one full year. The girls who come out of the Freedom House now have an opportunity to receive a barrista certification, receive specialized training in business, mentoring and employment.
We are so grateful for all who has invested in the project. So many of our friends from Mission Hills Church and Operation Underground Railroadhave supported this project by helping us purchase several assets needed for the operation of the coffee cart and business as a whole.

AHAVA means ‘love that gives of itstelf’ and that is exactly the kind of love we have for our girls. This business is all about helping them grow in self-confidence, training, educating and empowering them to fulfill their dreams and become the women they want to be.
AHAVA produces, distributes and sells a spicy chai tea concentrate and cold brew. We hope to purchase a second coffee cart soon for a Hope House project in Jaco, a coastal community where CSE is epidemic.

Face of Justice is opening a new home, The Grace House, for the girls leaving the safe house?

Yes, Face of Justice is opening the Grace House this month with the help of several key partners like This Mission and our pastor friend Shannon Bopp and his church. This Mission purchased the house which will serve as the Grace House. In the year 2022 we have 5 girls who are turning 18. These girls are not able to return to their homes and have no where to go. The Grace House will provide them a place to live and mentoring.

Face of Justice has hired a social worker Angie Fallas to help us open this house. Angie will live in the house as a houseparent. Pray for Angie as she starts this new venture in her life. Our first girl will arrive in the Grace House on May 5. She is from Nicaragua and has been in the Freedom House for 1.5 years.

The Freedom House has received more than 90 girls

Since we opened our doors in October, 2016, we have had 92 girls come through the house. And they are still coming! Our capacity right now in the current building is 18 girls. We opened with a capacity of 12. When we move into the new house we will have a capacity of 24.